The Fundraiser and The Event

Stephanie Wiese, RDN, CNSC

Please support Stephanie Wiese as she trains for and participates in the 29029 Everesting event in Utah this summer! (Donation information at bottom of the page).


Stephanie is a registered dietitian at the Colorado Blood Cancer Institute (CBCI) in Denver, CO and works with blood cancer patients and their loved ones every day. Stephanie has chosen the Rocky Mountain Blood Cancer Assistance Fund to raise money for in honor of her patients and we (the Fund), couldn’t be more grateful!


In Stephanie’s own words:


“I am raising money through this event in honor of my patients at CBCI. Rocky Mountain Blood Cancer Assistance Fund is a non-profit that supports many our patients by lessening the financial burden that comes along with going through cancer treatment or bone marrow transplant.”


Stephanie’s dedication to her patients at CBCI: “At the Colorado Blood Cancer Institute we treat patients with leukemia, lymphoma, myeloma, auto-immune disorders and specialize in bone marrow transplants.  Our patients at CBCI are some of the strongest people I’ve ever met, and I am always honored to be part of their journey.  I am dedicating this event to ALL of our amazing patients, the ones that are no longer with us, the ones that are still fighting the fight and the ones that are thriving… this is for all of you!!!  I want to do this event in honor of their strength and resilience as this event is nothing compared to what some of them face every single day.”

Pictured is Stephanie and her crew who will do the event with her!

Stephanie, her husband Brad, sister-in-law Ellen and her husband's cousin Patrick. 

The Event:  29029 or “Everesting”.  Stephanie and her crew will be hiking up a mountain 13 times outside of Ogden, to total 29029 feet (the height of Mt Everest) of elevation gain over 36 hours.  Each of the 13 trips is 2.3 miles and 2,310 feet of elevation gain.  It is an ultra-endurance event and is really about pushing yourself to places you never thought you could go, which a bunch of awesome people around you doing the same thing!  It’s not a race, but an event in which everyone is trying to reach the same goal or finishing in 36 hours, and everyone really is rooting for one another!

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